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Potent Water-Soluble Antioxidant


Natural Vitamin E 250 IU/mL


Nano Vitamin E is produced with an advanced nanotechnology allowing for the natural Vitamin E to be rapidly available for sourcing when administered, providing peak antioxidant production and performance for all breeds and types of horses:

  • Performance and Racing Horses are supplied with the required fast-acting antioxidant protection.
  • Breeding Broodmares and Stallions have increased fertility, improved semen quality and an increased libido.
  • Horses in Pre and Post-Stressful Events benefit from the boost to their antioxidant and immune defenses.
  • Horses in Confinement receive an easily absorbable form of essential Vitamin E, which is suitable for horses of all ages and those kept in the stable during training schedules, travel or due to injury.
  • Horses Recovering from an Illness or Injury, including lacerations, burns, puncture wounds have increased antioxidant activity and an enhanced recovery with the assistance of Nano Vitamin E.


Daily Use: 4 - 8 mL / 500 kg bodyweight orally or mix with feed Pre-Competition Use: 12 - 20 mL / 500 kg bodyweight 6 - 12 hours prior to competition or stressful event.


Nano Vitamin E is available in 16 oz. (473 mL) packaging.